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Traveling around New York City

Traveling to, from, and around NYC can be easy and it can also be incredibly confusing. There are several options to get to and from the airport and once in the city there are many different options to get around.

Traveling to and from the airport:

New York has 3 main airports to fly into.

JFK Airport Traveling options:

1. Yellow cab service. Its easy to get a cab at the airport however sometimes there might be a long line. It is a fixed far from the airport into Manhattan. The price is $52 plus tip and toll. The total cost will be approximately $70-$75.

2. Car service. A car service is slightly less and the benefit of arranging a pick up is avoiding possible long lines waiting for a yellow cab. The estimated price for the car service is $44 plus tip and toll. The total estimated cost is $62-$68.

3. Bus to Port Authority $16 each way per person

4. Train to Penn Station. Total cost including everything is $15.50 per person

5. Subway. $5 Airtrain fee plus $2.50 subway. Total cost $7.50. If taking the subway take the E line downtown.

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La Guardia Airport Travel Options:

1. Yellow cab service: The cab is a metered fare and to travel into midtown Manhattan the fare is approximately $25-$37 plus tip and toll. Total estimated cost is $37-$48.

2. Car service: $30 plus tip and toll. Total estimated cost $45

3. Bus to Port Authority: $14 per person each way

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Newark Airport travel options:

1. NJ cab: This is a metered far. The estimated cost is$50-$70 plus tip and toll. Total estimated far is Approximate $80-$85

2. Car service: Fixed far of $46 plus tip and toll. Total estimate cost is approximately $60

3. Train to Penn Station: $18 total per person

4. Bus to Port Authority: $12.50 per person

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Getting around New York City

New York City has multiple options to travel around the city. A car is not needed and it is highly advised not to bring a car into Manhattan as parking is very expensive and street parking is discouraged. Take advantage of the multible options to travel around.

NYC Subway system.

This is one of the best subway systems in the world and the preference to get anywhere in the city. There are many fair options to consider:

1 way fare: $2.75

7 day unlimited: $30

30 day unlimited: $112

A Metrocard can be purchased at any subway station

Additional information about the subway system

New York City Yellow Cab.

It is easy to get a cab in NYC day or night. Its as simple as stepping out into the street and putting up your hand. If the top of the anb is illuminated in yellow it is available and if it's not illuminated then it is not. Consider where you are traveling in the city when choosing to take a cab as based upon the time of day and traffic this could be avery expensive option.

Citibike bike sharing transportation.

Citi Bike is a bike share system that provides an easy, affordable option for short, quick trips around NYC. Before you ride, you have to purchase a pass to the system. There are three options: a 24-Hour Pass, a 7-Day Pass, or an Annual Membership. You can ride as many times as you want during your pass period. All short rides are included in the base price - rides up to 30 minutes (for 24-Hour and 7-Day Passes) or 45 minutes (for Annual Memberships). Overtime fees are charged for longer trips. See below for more details. This is amazing way to travel around the city quickly. There are 330 pick up and drop off locations throughout the city.

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